Wholesale Information

In this section you can find everything you need to know about our wholesale options. All details should be covered here. Please look through our graphics and read any notes given before emailing or DMing us with questions. 

Here is what we allow our customers to use our bracelets for:
- Fillers
- To resell in your groups
- Rep gifts

What wholsale is NOT for:
- Personal use
- Party favors
- Stocking stuffers/basket stuffers
- Personal gifts

*Any styles not mentioned here have varying prices. You will need to email us or DM me for information on other styles such as rondelles, glass, etc. 

*Please keep in mind, as a small shop owner yourself, that our time is valuable. So are our resources. A large percentage of requests I receive via email, DM, or comment end up not turning into actual orders. Making products for customers that are not serious about purchasing has wasted a lot of materials and time in the past couple of years. Due to this, we are unable to produce free samples as this takes up our time and resources on items that may not be purchased. 

Moving forward we will charge a 20% down payment per item that you wish for us to make as a sample. So, for example, if you would like me to make a 3 piece heishi set as a sample for you (either to run in your group, to make sure you like how it looks, etc) you will be charged $1.20 for kid sizes or $1.80 for adult sizes. 

This amount will count toward your overall balance when the final invoice is sent. 

Samples provided will depend on style. Some items take longer to make, or I make have fewer materials on hand, thus meaning I will be less willing to make more samples for that style. 

A rush free for samples is available. For those needing a sample photo within 24 hours there will be a $5 rush fee. I try to be as quick and accommodating as possible, however I still have orders to complete each day. I cannot set aside orders that have already been paid for to make samples. This typically means I end up working longer hours and I require compensation for that time.