About The Owner

My name is Ashley Massaro and I am the owner of Willow Beads Co.

I started making jewelry six years ago for a local business and made the leap in June 2017 to start my shop for creative freedom. I started with pony bead kid's bracelets, transitioned to glass and gemstone jewelry for adults, and finally settled with my true passion: quality jewelry for kids. 

My goal is to create the highest quality, most durable, and fashionable jewelry for your little ones at the lowest price possible. I believe every jewelry loving child should be able to own non-mass-produced bracelets, made with love and attention to detail, just for them. 

Outside of my shop I am finishing my Master's Degree in Child Psychology and development and am a passionate advocate for children and children's rights. For me, my shop is a fun way to add a little extra joy to a child's life. 

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