Safety and Compliance


Jewelry made with small beads are unable to pass CPSC compliance. While our shop does follow all guidelines for being toxin free, small parts do pose as a choking hazard to small children. Due to this, small beaded jewelry is not intended for children under the age of 12. 

Willow Beads Co holds no responsibility for injury. Children must be closely supervised when in possession of our products. A child should never be left alone with our products. 

All products are made on a top rated, high quality elastic cord. Our wire cord is also high quality.

All pieces used are toxin free, durable, and stength tested. 

Care Instructions

Items should never be left in extreme heat or cold. Be sure to never leave bracelets in direct sunlight (this cannot only damage the string, but the beads may be hot to the touch or may lose pigment). Please do not submerge your items in water. Please refrain from washing jewelry with water. A wipe down with a dry cloth should suffice. Paint on some beads may lose pigment or come off when coming into contact with any type of lotion, sunscreen, water, or oils. Wash skin that has had any of these applied in the past 24 hours.