For the most accurate and comfortable fit, it is best to measure your or your child's wrist. 

If you do not own a flexible measuring tape, a string and ruler/measuring tape will suffice. If you have neither measuring devices a phone app will work as well. 

Because body types vary so vastly from person to person, we do not do sizing by estimates and age. However, on average, most children ages 3-5 are able to wear size 5.5" comfortably. Size 6.5" fits most petite and average sized adult women. 

Once you have measured the wearers wrist, it is recommended to size up 1/2 (.5) of an inch. So, if your wrist measures 6", 6.5" would have the best fit -- likely with some wiggle room. 

For a more snug fit in our seed bead bracelets, it is recommended to only size up 1/4 (.25) of an inch. 

For further instruction on how to properly measure a wrist, follow the link provided here: