Collection: Make BBRT Legit

**Due to COIVD-19, we have not been able to restock these beads. Please check back or email us for updates**

100% of the proceeds earned from this collection will be donated to the #makebbrtlegit PayPal pool. 

In summary, here is a direct quote as to what the goal is for #makebbrtlegit:

"Brown Babes Rep Too is expanding! After 3 years of working within the small shop environment to make it a more inclusive space for people of color, we have decided to set our eyes on bigger goals. Our new mission statement is as follows: Brown Babes Rep Too is a collective dedicated to ensuring a diverse environment within small business advertising and influencer marketing."

Brown Babes Rep Too is officially an LLC! But, they still need funding for their website and other expenses. 

If you wish to have more information, you can find additional information in the Facebook group Friends of BBRT under announcements.